Have a particular life obstacle you’re trying to overcome?  Feeling like you need to change something and regain your sense of wellbeing and purpose? I offer one to one sessions to help you uncover your deeper feelings and work with emotional barriers that may be holding you back.  We will work together to enable you to start to recover your true self and achieve all the things you want to be and do.


"Use what talents you possess... The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang the best"

Henry Van Dyke

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Helen Burdette BSc (Hons) Psych, MPNLPt, EHPt, BSYA(Th)

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and have been in private practice for 19 years.  I also have 17 years experience working as a Senior Counsellor within the NHS Steps 2 Wellbeing and Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services before I left in 2018 to fully focus on my private practice.  I am also a Wellbeing Consultant for a local charity and I am a clinical mentor for local professionals. 
I am always amazed by the incredible capacity people have to creatively explore both themselves and the situations that have brought them to see me.  My belief in peoples' ability to express themselves and develop their full potential is unshakeable.  I have deep respect for the individual and many times I am humbled by the incredible positive changes that occur during therapy.  I believe that my role as a therapist is to provide the situation and skills necessary for these changes.
I believe in ethical, compassionate therapy and I honour people as unique individuals with their own experience of their world.   I firmly believe in the connection between mind and body and, in my practice, I work with both these aspects to enable the client to regain balance and wellness within themselves. 
I am a registered member of the NLPTCA, a member organisation of the UKCP and British School of Yoga and I abide by their Codes of Ethics and Practice.



I am an integrative and person-centred therapist.  I am very sensitive to the unique needs of each client and adapt my work practice to achieve the best results for each client.  I use a range of techniques to help clients to gain understanding and make appropriate changes in their life.  The client is always in control of their therapeutic journey and can engage in therapy for as little or as long as they want to.  I will always advise on this if asked.

I believe that deep and lasting healing comes from addressing both the cognitive or 'mind' aspects of the self, along with the physical expression and experience of a person's emotions.  I work systemically and holistically to re-balance and reconnect the mind and body; this may include relaxation and breathing techniques, mindfulness and aspects of yoga therapy (Please note, this is not yoga asanas or 'poses').

It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: therapy is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from the client and therapist alike.  We will be working together to achieve your best outcome.

Engaging in therapy can be hugely rewarding and by making small changes to self-defeating behaviour and coping with feelings of sadness, fear, and pain you can bring about life-altering results.

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"Therapists act like explorers, not knowing how each session is going to emerge. Instead we take as our starting point the belief that the client already has the answers and solutions within their own system – and our job is to reveal them and collaboratively put them to use."



With You Every Step of the Way

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In your therapy sessions, we’ll work together to understand and resolve current problems and improve positive thinking and behaviour.
Where appropriate, we will also help you to strengthen your deeper mind/body connections to help you release negative emotions and trauma and help restore restful continuing wellbeing.

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- Loss and bereavement
- Relationships
- Anxiety & depression
- Childhood trauma
- Illness & Stress
- Work issues



I am particularly interested in helping people with:

- Overcoming loss

- Childhood trauma

- Fibromyalgia

- M.E.

- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

- Chronic Pain

- Highly sensitive people (HSP) and  Empaths

- Realigning mind/body for deeper healing



"Many thanks Helen for your patience, wisdom and kindness"


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